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Playing Flash Roulette Games offer lots of excitement. Placing betting and the wheel spin give the sensation of what actually happens in the casino.

Flash roulette is a game that can make some ones life and can give him million and millions of $ but at the same time if the turn of luck spins round, one can end up loosing every thing he have, even the last single penny of his life time savings, so to play safe and just to enjoy the game, flash roulette game is designed.

The most unique thing about these games are that they come in great variations and from top brand gaming developers. Many of these games come with wonderful bonuses and offers at the casinos to play online. You can play for real money or for fun just to practice that is your choice.

So when you can practice the game and make certain strategies in you mind for the real game, if you are looking forward to any in future. Also it helps in understanding the game in much closer way, it must be noted here that the wheel spin and the speed of ball along with the fiction that the ball faces are not the same but still it give certain ideas to the player about the game.

If you tend to play for real money it is so easy. Just choose any reputed online casino, register yourself, make an initial deposit, grab the sign up bonus, go to table games menu, choose your Roulette flash game and just go to play.



Playtech offers a variety of roulette gaming opportunities. The standard version, which is not that rich in features, includes European, American, Club and Pro variations of roulette. They all visualize a wheel in the top left hand corner of the screen, while the remaining part of the screen shows the betting layout. At the end of each spin the player will usually view a close up of the final destination of the roulette ball.

Another option is PlayTech’s Premium Roulette series. Here you will find European, American, French, variations of the game. The series feature a layout of the screen, which is similar compared to that of the standard game version. However, the premium roulette offers enhanced graphics, which make the betting layout appear much clearer. You are provided with options such as modifying the felt color on the betting grid and the camera angle, while the roulette wheel is located above the betting grid. Another option enables the player to reverse the direction, in which the wheel rotates. This game version also includes a stats button, which will represent graphically the wheel showing the hot and cold numbers.

Playtech offers a 3D version of Roulette, which has good graphics, but yet not that smooth as what can be seen in the premium version. The 3D variation features a large-sized wheel, which is located above the betting area. This feature will surely suit those players who crave for a close up version of roulette. Here the player is able to choose between two modes – auto and turbo play.

Another notable gaming option is the multi-wheel Roulette, which will suit the preferences of players who enjoy more action. This game version provides the player with the opportunity to operate up to six tables simultaneously. Also you are able to make a single bet, which will play at all six tables at once. In order to do so, however, he/she will need to make a wager six times larger.

Along with the ordinary versions of roulette, the company also offers Mini Roulette, Pinball Roulette and Marvel Roulette. Mini Roulette is a game, which includes twelve numbers and one zero. Pinball Roulette is a hybrid game, which combines the very best of ordinary roulette with the enjoyment of the pinball table. The Marvel Roulette enables the player to take advantage of the opportunity to hit a power, an extra power, a super power or an absolute power progressive bonus.


Microgaming released European, French and American variations of the game, and soon launched Gold Series of games featuring European, French and Multi-Wheel Roulette.

The Gold Series features remarkable 3D graphics, sophisticated view and realistic sound properties, which takes you to the actual roulette table environment at a conventional casino. You can choose from vast options, including the ability to modify the speed of the game, to place Call Bets and to take advantage of Autoplay when in Expert Mode.

The game’s betting layout is  clear and features an inset visualizing the ball and the pocket where it came to rest on the roulette wheel. Players who prefer a different viewing angle are enabled to take advantage of the Edit Layout option and obtain an overhead view of the table.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is a variation based on French roulette, and you are able to operate up to eight roulette wheels at one and the same time. In this game all the wheels act in the same manner  as the player places his/her bet, it will show up on all of the roulette tables that have been activated.

This way, in theory, the player has a greater chance to predict any single number. The interface of the game is such, that the screen will appear split into sections from top to bottom. On the bottom of the screen is the game layout, where the player is able to place his/her bets. The layout will remain common across all the wheels, which are in play. The top of the screen displays the wheels that have been activated.

The most recent addition to Microgaming’s roulette collection is Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition. It is based on traditional European rules and provides the opportunity to play, compete and interact with other online players. The game can accommodate several players, with all of them placing bets in real time. This edition of the game has an optional chat feature, which enables you to conduct virtual conversations. All participants are able to view when another player has won, which boosts the atmosphere of anticipation. 

Microgaming’s Premier Roulette is another gaming option, which brings a whole new design to roulette. The player is enabled to choose between a black-colored or a brown-colored wheel, while the table layout may appear in green, red or blue. Another feature to be modified here is the speed of the game, as ”slow” and ”fast” options will bring the pace, which a player desires. In Premier Roulette players can enjoy a 3D view of the roulette wheel and a casual online casino representation of the table in 2D view. Other features offered by the game include Video Zoom, which brings a close-up view of the winning number, and Win Details, which presents a breakdown of all winning bets, amounts bet, payoffs for each bet and the total amount won.


Along with traditional American, European and French roulette versions, NetEnt has introduced Roulette Pro, and is most popular versions of online roulette. The Roulette Professional Series offers magnificent graphics and a wide spectrum of extra features to bring the feeling of realism for a player to the next level. The rules and the payouts in the game come are similar with those found in traditional roulette.

You can get an easy access to both the betting layout and the roulette wheel at any time. The game provides a Quick Spin feature, which eliminates the waiting period and allows you with little time to participate in as many wheel spins as possible.

What distinguishes Roulette Pro from the majority of roulette games out there is the opportunity to place special bets. The game utilizes algorithms to track the outcome of every spin of the wheel and will display ”hot and cold numbers”, or those which came up frequently and those which came up seldom. A player is able to cover those numbers with his/her active chip amount by a simple click on any of them. A mini window on the left side of the screen will present the occurrence of odd, even, red, black numbers and the single zero as a percentage, which enables players to discern patterns and to adjust their playing strategies.

NetEnt’s Mini Roulette is another version played in the same manner as the traditional European roulette, but features a smaller table comprised by 13 numbers. Both inside and outside bets are to be placed,  The game is designed in a way, so that it allows regular gameplay whilst watching the sports book or playing other casino games. In addition, a Turbo Mode is featured, which enables players to take advantage of fast spins of the wheel.

NetEnt has also come up with a live casino version of roulette, called Live Casino HD Roulette. Played in an online environment with a live dealer as a host, the game will provide participants with the closest gaming experience possible to that at a traditional land casino. The image of the real-life dealer is broadcasted by streaming ”High Definition” video online. The viewing angle of the HD camera can be adjusted to dealer view or to roulette wheel view. The game also offers a ”Live Chat” feature, which enables the player not only to converse with the croupier, but to do so also with his/her fellow players at the table.

You need to put a chip on a selected number or a combination of numbers, after which the live host will spin the ball into the roulette wheel. The pocket where the ball comes to rest is the winning number, which will provide a payout.

The betting process follows a number of steps; the dealer invites players to make their bets, after which the bet timer will start counting down; players make their bets on the betting layout within the allotted time; once that time is up, the dealer will give the ball a spin and announce that bet placement is closed; after bets are closed, the values bet will be subtracted from the accounts of all players; and finally, when the ball settles into a pocket, the winning number will be announced and all winning bets will be paid out.


Real time Gaming provides not much of Roulette flash game choices compared to Microgaming. The main choice here is between European and American roulette.

RTG’s European Roulette, which is a personal favorite for many players, features 37 numbers on the wheel and the betting layout (0 – 36). The game allows the placement of inside, outside and race track bets, similar to the game versions by other software providers.

RTG’s American Roulette features 38 numbers on the wheel and the betting layout, which range from 00 to 36. The game allows the placement of inside and outside bets only and involves a greater house edge, as we thoroughly discussed earlier in the guide.

A notable variation of the game is RTG’s Multiplayer Roulette, which allows one to pit against other players online. The game plays at a fast pace and uses the French roulette rules. One may watch other players’ moves and take advantage of their strategies, as well as chat during play.

In order to decide on which table to play, one is able to search tables by type (open, private or reserved), by betting limits set, and by the time allotted for placing bets (between 30 and 90 seconds).

The table minimum is usually $1, while the table maximum is $100 for normal play. In order to fit the preferences of high rollers RTG’s Multiplayer Roulette also offers tables with maximum bets of $500. The game features smooth animations, very crisp graphics as well as a distinct timer counting down to the spin. Other notable feature is the player’s ability to use an avatar and select an alias before ”taking a seat” at one of a few available tables.



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In fact playing flash roulette is gaining experience. This opportunity was not available to the people in pervious decades and they have to play real games in order to gain experience and that must have cost them a lot, today you can use this opportunity with no big cost, fear of loosing big amount and in future you can place a new mark in the history of Roulette as some of the players have done before. 


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