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The days of going to a real casino building to gamble are going away. They are being replaced by online casinos. Online casinos offer many advantages over the real casinos. You do not have to drive to them, you don’t have to deal with the crowds and you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing. They are also well known for the promotions that they offer.

When you join an online casino, you are eligible for many welcome bonuses that can provide you with hundreds or thousands of dollars in free money to play with. You can win a big jackpot without risking any of your own money.

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Roulette is a popular casino game because it combines both a little luck and a skill together. Unlike the poker machines that dominate the online casinos where the amount you win is based on computer driven percentages, live roulette gives you some of the control about how much you will win.

Choosing a Live Casino

There are plenty of online casinos to choose from. In order to find the best casinos, you have to know where to look, what to look for and what you can expect. The first thing to consider when searching for an online casino is where you are located. Online casinos are licensed to operate in many countries around the world. It is important to find an online casino that is licensed in the placed that you are residing in.

Not all of the online casinos are the same. When you play at an online casino, you expect the games to be fair and you expect to be paid when you win. There are different organizations that certify the online casinos for fair, safe and secure gaming. Look for a seal of approval from organizations such as eCogra to make sure the casino you choose is what you is a legitimate casino.

Online casinos typically have three ways of playing online casinos.

  • Download Software – These will give the player access to everything the casino has to offer. The player can choose from any of the games including the live roulette games at the casino.
  • Flash Player – This version does not require a download, but it is usually not going to offer everything that the online casino has to show. Before choosing this version make sure it will include the games that you want to play including live roulette.
  • Mobile – Mobile online casinos allow players to use their favorite mobile device. Like the flash player casinos, they may not offer all of the games of the full casino. Check the games before using this version. You should also make sure that your device is compatible with the online casino. iPads, iPhones, Android devices and java enabled devices will work with most mobile casinos.

Other things to consider when checking out the casinos is the games they offer, the banking methods they accept and the promotions that are available. All of these things will play a role in choosing the right casino to enjoy the game of Live Roulette.

Best Live Dealer Casinos

888 Casino Live Dealer Games

When it comes to an online casino for live roulette there is a few that stand out. – This is a Microgaming based casino that offers its players a wide variety of games and has included live roulette in the mix. They offer a great variety of best that include split bets, even and odd bets and street plays. They offer their players great odds and pay out in real money. – This is an American casino that can be played in the states that have legalized online gambling. They offer great table games including live roulette. Their high limit tables allow you the chance to win big. – This  Playtech online casino has great graphics and its live roulette is well run and fun to play. They offer some great tournaments. With great table limits you can win big at this online casino.

You get to choose the best and the type of bets that you want to place and you decide when to risk it all or when to play it safe. In order to get the most out of the live roulette, you need to choose the right online casino and you have to learn how to place the right best.

Online casinos offer many advantages and they are growing because they are getting better. When online casinos first opened up they offered a few basic slot machines and video poker machines. Now they offer a full array of gaming options for their visitors. One of newest and best casino games that the online casinos are offering is live roulette.

Many players do not trust the roulette games that use a computer to spin the wheel. They may feel that these machines are not as random as the live games are. This is not always true. The machines are designed to be as random as a live wheel, but they are also designed to payout at a certain percentage. Because of this, serious roulette players will stay away from the roulette machines at online casinos.

Online live roulette allows people to see the roulette spin in real time. It is not a software generated version that only one person is playing. It includes live dealers and a real roulette wheel. Players can often interact with the other players that are at the live roulette table. The action is paced just like you are at a real casino.

The Dealers

Watch a preview of the new Playboy dealers from Microgaming.

Your Strategy

Playing live roulette requires a certain amount of strategy. You need to understand the odds of the bets that you make. The biggest payouts come when you choose the number that the ball lands on but these are also the least likely to win.

You are better off betting on whether the number will be odd or even. Split bets and corner bets allow you to bet on several numbers with a single bet. You can also bet on the dozens. That is a single bet on the numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36.

When a wheel is spun at live roulette the number it lands on is all about luck. It is random and the only thing that there is to go on is the odds of it landing on a specific number or in a range of numbers.

The skill of live roulette is in the betting. A player has to decide if they want to bet on the longest odds and hope they get lucky or they can place bets on sets of numbers that have lower odds. The payouts will be lower, but the chances of wining go up. In order to balance the desire to win big with the chances of winning, it is important to have a good strategy. There are many different strategies that can be used in live roulette. It is worth learning how the strategies work before you start to play at an online casino.

  • Martingale Strategy – This strategy can be used for several casino games, but it works very well for live roulette. A player will start out with their initial bet. They can place any type of bet they want. If they win, they pick up their winnings and place the same amount of a bet on the next spin of the wheel. If they lose, they double their bet on the next spin. The bet is doubled each time the player loses. When a player wins, they will return to the initial bet and start the doubling process over again. The result of this betting strategy is by the time you win, your winnings will be more than you lost even with the doubling of the bet. The downside of this strategy is table limits. It is possible that you will reach the table limit if you lose too many games in a row and will not be able to double the bet anymore.
  • James Bond Strategy – This strategy involves placing specific bets on specific sets of numbers. With $20, a player can put $14 on the high numbers (19-36) $5 on the six numbers 13-18 and $1 on insurance. If the player wins, they can put the profit into their pockets. If the player loses, they can use the martingale strategy of doubling the bets.

There are other strategies that can be found, but they all are based on where the best are placed and how much is bet. Some will work better than others. The key to any strategy is to follow it consistently and to put any money that you win into your pocket and not back on the roulette table.

The next time that you want to enjoy a great day or night of gambling go to an online casino and check out the live roulette games. They are the closest thing that you can get to a real casino and your odds of winning big only depend on your strategy and the amount of luck that you have at that time.

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